What is it? 

A proof test is a form of stress test to demonstrate the fitness of a load-bearing structure.


How much are we talking?

We have shopped around to find out how much testing 

providers are charging our customers and other buying

companies. Overall the most common price was £85 per skip. Horrified by the thought of anybody paying this 

amount we decided it was time to look at our expanding 

our business and offer more. So, whether you're buying 

your skips from us or you simply require testing on your

current bins we are pleased to now offer this to you all at

£65 per skip. 


But is The Skip Factory qualified?

You can rest assured, we are. Our Health and Safety Manager, John Douglas, has completed an extensive course to be able to conduct these tests safely and at minimal costs on site.



What is it? 

The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 aims to reduce risks to peoples Health and Safety from lifting equipment provided for use at work by making sure it is positioned and installed to minimise any risks, and that it is strong and stable enough for the particular use and marked to indicate safe working loads.


How much are we talking?

Just like the Proof Load testing other suppliers charge a whopping £85 per skip! Well don't panic, The Skip Factory will still only charge £65 per skip. 

At £65 for Proof Loading and £65 for LOLER testing you could afford to get your whole stock tested! Bargain!


But is The Skip Factory qualified?

Yes, we sure are. The course that John, our H & S Manager, completed covered both Proof Loading and LOLER testing. He can now conduct tests in house, safely and at a fraction of the cost of other providers in the industry. 

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